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Thermal Imaging Services

Leak Detection

Radon Gas Measurement

This service is the only one of its type in Ireland. Normal Radon Gas Measurement take 3 months and have can errors up to 26%. ECAS test for the Radon in the dwelling and takes up to 1 hour. Results are available the test is completed.

Site Suitability Assessment

This service is required when preparing to submit planning permission and is a requirement under planning permission applications.

Passive House Consultancy

The lowest running cost construction is a Passive House Design. Where the initial build is estimated 20% higher, running costs are 70-80% lower.

Building Inspections Surveys

The most time a Building Inspection Survey is undertaken is when a property is being acquired. The new owner wants to ensure no errors are encountered after the purchase. Some common defects could add thousands to the remediation.

Services Offered by ECAS

ECAS offer a wide range of services for it’s clients. One of the main areas of concern is the energy consumed in buildings and how efficient the source is being used. The ever increasing costs of energy make everyone want to achieve the best value for money. Passive House is the highest standard known to man currently, along with Thermal Imaging which focuses on the standard of different types of areas making up the thermal envelope.

ECAS also deals in areas with environmental issues that are aimed at saving money, so check out our new products on our website to save money!

Thermal Imaging Survey analyses the building fabrics in relation to their performance in retaining heat within a property. One of the main areas of concern is cavity wall insulation, especially after being retrofitted and the unknown of its success.

ECAS search for water leaks in more ways than one for its clients. Water leaks are a costly problem for various reason, this is why finding the correct location minimises unnecessary damage during this process.